This is all my creation. I am this vessel the hologram shines through. In my world Miracles pour into our lives like the rain falls and heals us. My faith in magic, is unwavering. ♡

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[July 14 2017]

Day by day I am finalizing Touches of my own life Turning it into what I believe it should be What my heart says is important What my mind says is understood.

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[June 29 2017]

I do not yet see many major changes in my physical world, But they are sneaking up on me (I am met by more laughter than ever) Because my insides are already painted in rainbow colors.

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[June 28 2017]

Without feeling hopeless at times, how can we experience the bliss of hope? Without feeling stranded sometimes, how can we experience the joy of the shore? Where we can just swim in and be at one with everything.

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[June 22 2017]

Oh the love Oh the trust I just know everything is finally alright Oh how I have been waiting Oh how I have been anticipating Oh how I challenged myself to get here Oh how I knew somewhere inside of me that this was coming Oh how brilliant it is To finally be at home […]

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[June 21 2017]

This day has been filled with bliss mixed with confusion. One moment I am rising higher and the second I am reminded of my past and down in the dump. When we rise in consciousness, it takes a while for “us” in this physical realm to catch up. And when we do, thoughts can disturb […]

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[June 20 2017]

The child within me cries When you slam the door in my face, As soon as you see that it is me. Times and times over I reach out my hand but you never take it, Since you don’t even know what it means. I have tried and I am still trying I let you […]

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