[August 14 2017]

I’ve been trying to get myself to write everyday, but my inspiration seems to head other ways and my focus is flickering. I tend to escape into a dream world where I am learning to speak a new language, learning to be someone who has never existed here before. It is weirdly an exhilarating feeling. […]

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[Full Moon]

It’s a Full Moon and perhaps that is why I stumble upon my own feet. Perhaps that is also why I can not seem to make sense Of the words we are speaking. It’s all buried beneath My clouded mind and The wild flapping of wings in my stomach. I want something to blame For […]

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[August 2 – 2017]

I don’t know where I’ve been, really. But I kind of feel like I have been coming home. It is a treasure. Being blessed with the experience of feeling more and more at home everyday, with feeling more and more like myself every day. It is nice because I know things will only get better. […]

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This is all my creation. I am this vessel the hologram shines through. In my world Miracles pour into our lives like the rain falls and heals us. My faith in magic, is unwavering. ♡

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[July 14 2017]

Day by day I am finalizing Touches of my own life Turning it into what I believe it should be What my heart says is important What my mind says is understood.

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[June 29 2017]

I do not yet see many major changes in my physical world, But they are sneaking up on me (I am met by more laughter than ever) Because my insides are already painted in rainbow colors.

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[June 28 2017]

Without feeling hopeless at times, how can we experience the bliss of hope? Without feeling stranded sometimes, how can we experience the joy of the shore? Where we can just swim in and be at one with everything.

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