I want to tell you a little story of mine, it spans a few moments in time. In my heart it is still now, but the seasons have changed and I went along with it.

I was once a hurt little girl. I was lost and very angry at people pretending that I was not.

Things like “You sit here!”, “This is where you should be!” they said and I refused to align with their crazy story. This made me embrace my own weakness, and build up a strength that would last all storms.

I visited hell – or the closest thing to it if it could ever be – and there I met a shadow that hung over me for a while, telling me all the stories I needed to hear. This little visit, that felt horrible to the child that was I, showed me all the darkness I would ever perceive.

So when I remembered that that place is not my home, with a little struggle I got myself free again.

And I knew that there was no turning back there. And I was shown the doors to heaven, with all the answers I would ever need. And I was home.


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