[June 17 2017]

A dear friend of mine told me not long ago “I still have things to learn in that world, that is why I am staying there”. Speaking like he knew I wasn’t there, and while we had our chat, he wasn’t either.

It is fascinating how everyone’s world looks different. It is fascinating that when two souls create a connection they create their own world together. And for two souls to keep meeting, that world must in some way be a little bit greater than the one we create on our own.

What he said stuck in my mind, and I have worked my way around it since then. I’ve tasted every corner of it. The thought of it was sweet, and it kept lingering.

But I realized, that no matter how hard you try, that world can not stop teaching you things. No matter how far off it you stray, or how far to an extent you live in your own world, that world will still be there sometimes. You will always be reminded, you will always be surprised. You can not escape it when so many parts of you still live there.

So no matter what your own world looks like – no matter what scenery you choose to feed – when you enter the collective world (when you open your mouth to speak, when you step outside your door) you will be taught what there is for you to learn, still. Always.

So do not ponder, do not stay if you have the chance to go, because for whatever it is you have to have another look at, that world find a way to pull you back in to see it. So run. Run, for all that you are into the world that you dream of. It is yours as much as you allow yourself, it is yours as much as you have the strength to hold on to it.


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