[A month of writing]

Last month I heard somethings somewhere that made me put up a goal.

I was really lost and I remember a long time ago the Angels told me to write so I made this goal of mine. A month has now passed but it feels like ages and I can not say what a blessing this small act of motivation (inspiration?) has been for me. A month’s time has turned into a year’s worth of improvement, self-development, growth, CLARITY(!). I could never imagine what a big difference this would make not only for my writing and my confidence in writing but the overall quality of my days. In only a month! Take this phrase, and let it stay in your mind today, and ask yourself where in your life you could give a little more attention, just for a month.

May 13th , 2017 10:11 am.

“If you keep at something for a month and don’t give up, you will see dramatic results of improvement”.

It is just a process of sticking to it. It is fine to not see the road, it is fine to be uncertain and hear your mind playing out these fears in your head. But really, you do not have to listen. They are not true. The mind can be scared because it is unknown territory, but it is unknown territory before you have ever gone there. And your dreams are still dreams because you have not been there. But they are also dreams to keep you going. Dreams exist for us to be excited and enjoy ourselves. To never settle. And if fear is what you have to face to get there, it is really not that hard anyway. Because fear, is just something your mind makes up when you are out of the old and what you’ve always had.. So if you want to go where you have never been, go! Fear is illusionary. It does not exist outside your mind.. And you are not your mind. Your mind is a tool, for you to improve. So see it as an illusionary challenge for you to grow, but if it instead stops you – Know it is not real. It does not exist. But you do. So live.

(is not illusionary a word? should it not be?)



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