[August 2 – 2017]

I don’t know where I’ve been, really. But I kind of feel like I have been coming home. It is a treasure. Being blessed with the experience of feeling more and more at home everyday, with feeling more and more like myself every day. It is nice because I know things will only get better. And even if things were not to get better – I will at least! Because I can not unbecome. Things can. But I can not unbecome all the goodness I are. Once I unbecome into the beauty that I truly am, I can not unbecome that. I can only unbecome more of that which I am not. And sometimes things go away along with that. But things are just things. Things can go away. My self can not. Therefor it is a treasure. I am a treasure. I am happy to be alive and being me.


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